About Turbocol SH

TURBOCOL is FLAGSHIP brand of Astra chemtech Pvt.Ltd. in which all our adhesives are sold in India and abroad. we offers wide range of consumer, and industrial adhesives under “TURBOCOL” brand name.Our adhesives have excellent quality, wide product range and excellent customer focus, which create customer delight . Thus making our brand most trusted in India and abroad.


The adhesive can be used in manufacture of furnitures such as Wooden Chairs, Sofas, TV Cabinets, Wardrobes etc; Where Wood to Wood , Wood to Mica bonding is required.


High Solids

Very High bond strength

Long open time

High viscosity product

Excellent coverage

Spreader type quality


Packages includes-

  • 500 grms
  • 1 kgs
  • 5 kgs
  • 10 kgs
  • 30 kgs
  • & 50 kgs